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Take control of your online reputation.


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How does your business compare?

Use our free Review Scan to generate an instant reputation report.


Prioritizing Your Customer's happiness.

What are your customers saying about you? Where are they saying it? Are these conversations impacting your brand? How can you measure this impact? REVIEW BUILDERS lets you know what customers are saying about you across 100+ websites, then use this rich information to engage directly with your customers and solve issues before they become problems.

Monitor all your reviews in one place

One comprehensive dashboard displays all your customer feedback from 200+ sites in real-time, and sends you real-time alerts every time a review is posted for your business. Your responses are automatically posted to third-party sites from within the platform. Solve issues promptly to boost satisfaction. Track your progress with detailed reports.

Take IMMEDIATE action on customer feedbacK

Respond to your customers in real-time, directly from your review feed. Your responses are automatically posted to third-party sites from within the platform. This empowers you to resolve issues promptly, show appreciation for satisfied customers, and build a personable, transparent brand reputation. Real-time customer satisfaction equals long-term customer relationships.

Which sites do your customers care most about? Make sure you have high ratings on each one. Prompt satisfied customers to post on top sites of your choice. By pre-qualifying sentiment and automatically routing happy customers to top review sites, We make it convenient for satisfied customers to share feedback.

automate review requests several ways

Choose the method that best fits your business, and customize your messages to keep your brand identity consistent. Receive real-time alerts whenever customers review your business so you can respond immediately. Email, text messaging, kiosks, iOS & Android apps, Facebook, drip campaigns or through your website.

Get new reviews on sites that matter to you

Collect new positive reviews quickly and easily with in-moment feedback requests. By engaging with customers at critical moments and making it easy to write a review, you can capture feedback from all customers, including satisfied ones not typically active online. More positive reviews = more conversions, higher ratings, and more customers.

Intelligent, automatic feedback collection

Engage with your customers in real-time without lifting a finger. The platform seamlessly integrates into 300+ apps, CRMs, POS's and PMSs to automate the review collection process with up-to-date customer contact information, and sends your customers a review request either during or after the sale or service.

It’s never been simpler

One comprehensive dashboard displays all your customer feedback from 100+ sites in real-time. You can filter your review feed by rating, time period or by source to identify which areas and sites to focus on. Receive new review alerts via email or SMS so you don’t miss a word.

Dominate with Game-changing SEO

Get your satisfied customers to share feedback on sites that matter to you. Collecting more online reviews on a variety of sites helps you establish credibility to both customers and search engines. Rich snippet technology helps you stand out from the competition with 5-star ratings from Google reviews displayed beside your brand in local search results.

Unlock the power of customer feedback

Your customers are talking online every second. Join the conversation. Track all your reviews from across the web and respond in real-time to customer complaints before they escalate. See the big picture of your ratings and reviews with customized reports. Unlock the power of customer feedback today.

Streamline success

You may monitor reviews for your entire enterprise and for each individual location. Assign roles and permissions to branch managers. Collaborate improvements organization-wide and oversee all locations with an executive dashboard.

Instant satisfaction

Engage with reviews in real-time, and respond to reviews on third-party sites directly from the platform. By addressing customer concerns in the moment, you can solve problems as they emerge. Reviews with spam or slander are automatically parked in the platform.



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